Hi, I am Sameer Kochure. I am the hands and the heart behind these feel-good, comfort-read books.

Sameer Kochure was born in India during the darkest part of the night. Probably explains why he is such a self-proclaimed dreamer. He has lived in 6 cities and 3 countries since. He has also clocked in 19+ years as a Creative Director in some of the biggest advertising agencies across Asia Pacific and the Middle East. He lives in Dubai, but claims that anywhere he travels, he feels he is home.

Reader Reviews



"I enjoyed the story so much..."

— Reader Review for 'The Tiny Fireball'.



"All of a sudden, the memory of my loved one flashed back. The story went straight to my heart."

— Reader review for 'A Young Boy And His Best Friend, The Universe'.



"Spoke to me deeply."

— Reader review for 'Made of Flowers and Steel'.

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