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Hello reader.

Welcome to the official website of the bestselling author Sameer Kochure.

Hi, I am Sameer Kochure.

I am the hands and the heart behind some of your favourite books.

Author's Note

I write for you, my dear reader.

I don't often get the opportunity to say this. So, I am going to be honest with you.

At times I catch myself thinking, will this sell? Is there a market for the things I want to write?

In case of the Good Universe series, a series that's a cross between The Prophet meets Conversations with God meets the Little Prince meets Calvin and Hobbes - I didn't know if it will ever sell a single copy.

On another project I am tinkering with at the moment, it's something equally crazy. I wonder will anyone enjoy it? Should I be doing something more 'worldly' instead?

The honest answer to these questions is 'I don't know'.

Here's what I do know though. I have always wanted to help people. And when I started writing my books and sharing them with you, and the world, something interesting happened.

I started getting sporadic whispers of 'hey, this is cool...', 'I am giving your book to my mom also to read...' 'cute stuff...' and one of my favourites, 'My 9 yr old is reading your book and taking notes...'

When I hear reviews like this, I have the answer to the only question that matters - Not 'if there is a market for my books?', but - 'do my books help readers find more joy in their lives?'

The answer, I believe, is they do.

You being here right now is the proof of it. So, thanks once again, my dear reader. I do what I do for you. Thanks for being with me on this journey.

Now, let us march onwards, to more new adventures.

With love, light and gratitude,

Sameer Kochure.

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About the Author

Sameer Kochure was born in India during the darkest part of the night. Probably explains why he is such a self-proclaimed dreamer. He has lived in 6 cities and 3 countries since. He has also clocked in 12 years as a Creative Director in some of the biggest advertising agencies across Asia Pacific and the Middle East. He lives in Dubai, but claims that anywhere he travels, he feels he is home.

His book series 'A Young Boy And His Best Friend, The Universe' is being loved by readers spanning all age groups and all continents around the world.