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Your Ultimate Feel-Good, Comfort-Read Bundle

Your Ultimate Feel-Good, Comfort-Read Bundle


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Get 10 Books (Plus 1 FREE Bonus eBook) in this special bundle available ONLY direct from the author.

Life's biggest questions. Answered by two adorable book besties.

"This book will make you happy..." 
— Reader review.

Join 'A Young Boy And His Best Friend, The Universe' in 400+ short & sweet stories of surprising wisdom, childlike innocence and profound life lessons.

Each volume in this series is novella-length, averaging about 110 pages per book in print; making these books perfect light, breezy, comfort-reads.

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An Unimportant Thing

"Money is not important, right?” the young boy asked.

“Absolutely,” the Universe replied lazily. “That’s why make a lot of it. After all, which wise man or smart woman would like to spend his or her precious time, and mind, worrying about an unimportant thing like money… or the lack of it?”

The young boy nodded, rolled up his Spiderweb-Man shirt sleeves and went to work.

The Universe got its chequebook out.


I’m So Dumb Right Now

“I am so angry right now!” the young boy exclaimed.

“Why are you so dumb right now?” the Universe asked.

“Not dumb, I said angry,” the young boy said a tad irritated.

“I heard you the first time. So tell me, what made you so dumb right now?”

“What are you on about?” the young boy asked.

“When your emotions run high, your intelligence goes down. So you are not just angry right now, you are dumb as well.”

The young boy thought about it for a moment, calm finally.

The Universe continued, “Now, tell me, if you say something or take some action when you are angry, how would it be?”

“Dumb.” The young boy said thoughtfully.

“Correct. So tell me, how are you feeling right now?”

“Not so dumb, actually.”

The Universe smiled. The young boy was a fast learner.


The Stories We Tell

“It’s never going to happen,” the young boy said.

“What’s never going to happen?” the Universe asked.

“Me winning the running competition. I want to win, but the other grade students are bigger and stronger than me.”

“Ah… nice story.”

“I am not telling you a story,” the young boy said, a tad irritated.

“Oh, it is a story alright,” the Universe continued, “Everything you said after ‘I want to win but…’ is nothing but a story. Usually the word ‘but’ is a good sign that a story is about to begin. And stories are fiction. Stuff we make up.”

“So you think I am making it all up?” the young boy said, shaking his head in dismay, “You should see those tall boys with long legs… how fast they run.”

“Nice! You are building characters in the story; it helps it seem more real.”

“Fine genius!” the young boy said, “If you know everything, why don’t you finish the story?”

“A young boy wanted to win the race,” the Universe continued, “The boys around him looked bigger and stronger, but our hero decided to run as fast as the wind. Try the other, bigger boys did, but our hero won, without breaking a sweat. The young boy won the actual race on the track a long time after he first won it in his mind.”

“I like that story!” the young boy exclaimed.

“Guess which story will help you win, mine or yours?” the Universe asked.

The young boy said, “Yours. If I must tell a story to myself, why not tell the one that helps me?”

The Universe smiled.


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"Very cute and same time educating book. I recommend it to everyone… if you had a bad day or a good one."

— Reader review


"This book will make you happy..."

— Reader review


"Connects to the child in everyone and answers the issues faced by every adult. A must have on every kindle for the days when child like wonder is needed the most."

— Reader review

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
A lovely collection of touching short stories

This is a lovely collection of touching short stories between half and full page length. They're about a boy in conversation with the universe about everyday events.

It's a good introduction to the author's work, and I'll be reading more books by him.

Very nice collection of stories about big questions of life

Very nice collection of stories about big questions of life, presented in a very delightful and easy to consume way. I would definitely give it to my teenager kids to read it aswell!

Friends - 5 reasons to read this awesome book.

1. Sameer has distilled the "WISDOM OF THE MASTERS" in just about 100 pages.

2. There are no jargons. It is as if the message is for you as you needed it, at this point of time.

3.You can open any page and read the contents of one of the 38 lessons in less than 3 minutes.

4. Reading first thing in the morning - this gives you material to reflect in the course of the day.

5. Please do read this book to evolve spiritually. This book will make you happy.

Very cute and same time educating book

I recommend it to everyone. If you had a bad day or a good one. I will definitely tell my kids to read it. Simple bit very important lessons about life.

Sunita S.
A warm and endearing read!

The childlike innocence with which the author puts forward the most complex answers of life is endearing and takes you back the bylanes of your childhood when you wished for a friend like the universe.. simplicity is the beauty of this book :)