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A cute, wholesome, comfort-read sci-fi fantasy. — Ebook

A cute, wholesome, comfort-read sci-fi fantasy. — Ebook

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“So beautiful…”


Welcome to a magical, star-hopping fable shrouded in darkness and dipped in honey.

"I would definitely recommend this for fans of Neil Gaiman... and for fans of Life of Pi..."
— Reader review


In the middle of a desolate, liquid landscape, a sole shipwreck survivor wakes up one morning to find a cute little alien next to him.

Stranded together on his battered life raft, in a place where water, food and hope runs low, an unusual friendship forms.

She’s on a mission to save the love of her life and he has a secret, questionable agenda of his own.

But time and tide is rapidly running them down.

Will they achieve their individual goals, however beautiful and flawed they may be, or will they be lost forever in oblivion?

Will their stories get a ‘happily ever after’?


Fans of Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane’, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s ‘The Little Prince’ and Yann Martel’s ‘Life of Pi’ will love bestselling author Sameer Kochure’s ‘The Tiny Fireball’.

Fans of Paulo Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’, Richard Bach’s ‘Illusions’ and Herman Hesse’s ‘Siddhartha’ will also find comfort and joy in this sci-fi fantasy tale of mysticism, mental health and magical realism.


"I enjoyed the story so much... loved the characters and their world."

— Reader review

Look Inside

Chapter: The Night of the Bombing

I remember that night well, the night when, perhaps for the only time, I saw the tiny Fireball being truly afraid. 

I had somehow managed to fall asleep. The sea had rumbled through my stomach, keeping me up the last few nights, but this night had come with a reprieve. The breeze was getting cooler all evening, and the starless night lulled me into much needed oblivion.

It couldn’t have been much later, when the tiny Fireball shook me awake.

“Something is happening,” she said, panic in her voice.

“What do you mean?” I asked, suddenly wide awake.

“I think we are being bombed,” the tiny Fireball said looking at the dark sky.

I looked at the sky and couldn’t see a thing. If there was someone out there, that was a good sign. We were found and could be saved after all.

Except, I couldn’t see nor hear anyone. I was straining, of course, a desperate being straining long and hard for a glimmer of hope. But all I could see was the dark sky.

I said, “Maybe you had a bad dream.”

She violently shook her head, white in the face.

Then I felt the first bomb land right in the space between us.

It didn’t explode, it splashed.

I wanted to laugh, but in the same breath, as the small raindrop crashed on the raft and sprayed even smaller drops on my feet, I saw a droplet brush against the tiny Fireball. It sizzled and put out a small part of her, as she winced in agony.

I shuddered. It was not going to be just a bombing. 

It was going to be an invasion.

I scrambled, looked everywhere on the raft. Something, surely there must be something that could keep us both safe.

I shouted at her to move closer to me, shielding her with my body as I continued searching through our meagre worldly possessions.

Suddenly the night sky was lit up like a Hydrogen bomb had gone off somewhere in the heavens, ready to breathe hellfire upon us. 

I was running out of time. I had to think fast. 

I grabbed the peanut butter jar, the one holding the last of our drinking water, and without hesitation, I emptied it into the sea. 

“Here, quick,” I commanded.

She quickly jumped into the jar, I fastened the lid, and clutched it close to my heart.

That very instant, the bombing began.

I shudder to think what would have happened if I was but a moment late.

Giant raindrops crashed on to our little raft. If I was alone, I would have bathed and rejoiced. Drank my fill and stored as much fresh water as I could. But I had the tiny Fireball with me.

That night, as I was getting drenched, for the first time, I understood the bigger danger we were in. We were floating in the middle of nowhere on a battered raft. 

The tiny Fireball was literally a spark, surrounded by the high seas. 

A lazy wave, an innocent gust of wind, a well-intentioned backsplash could extinguish and wipe her out forever.

Scared I won’t be able to keep her safe, I found myself shouting at her, “Of all the places you could have landed on this planet, why did you choose my tiny raft?”

She didn’t say a word. 

She just slid to the bottom of the peanut butter jar, pulled her knees close and buried her head in them. 

The rain and the thunder were deafening. But through it all, I heard her sobbing.

That sound still keeps me up at night.

She was my friend. I would have given my life to save her that night. So why was I being so mean to her?

Why are we sometimes so harsh to the ones we so adore?

(End of chapter)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ancient Bellydancer
Magical and meaningful

Beautifully written, this is a story full of hidden truths and ancient wisdom that will appeal to both young and not so young readers who are trying to find their path in life.

A quick read, I enjoyed it

This is a relatively quick read and I enjoyed it. It reminded me a little bit of Life of Pi. I think you have to approach it with an open mind because the conversational prose feels a bit unusual.

A super short but lovely read.

The Tiny Fireball was a super short but lovely read. It was a tale about how one’s life can seem meaningless, until a tiny spark can give it true life.

Emmeline E.
I absolutely loved the tiny fireball by the end

Beautiful book. On the surface it is a fantasy story about a man stranded at sea. Beneath the surface is an easily digestible introduction to meditation and the principles of Buddhism. I absolutely loved the tiny fireball by the end.
It is a quick read but one that will leave you thinking. It definitely does not insist or push itself on you but instead it allows you to open your mind and think more deeply on ideas that western culture doesn’t often ponder.
I received this book from the author through Voracious Readers Only and I reviewed it because I appreciated it so much.

Kathryn M.
I loved the characters and their world. I hope there is more in this series.

Loved the use of paranormal romance with the scifi elements, I enjoyed the story so much and it did what I was looking for when I requested this book. It had a great writing style and I enjoyed the way the plot was going, it was a interesting concept and worked in this scifi genre. I loved the characters and their world. I hope there is more in this series.

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About The Author

Sameer Kochure was born in India during the darkest part of the night. Probably explains why he is such a self-proclaimed dreamer. He has lived in 6 cities and 3 countries since. He has also clocked in 19+ years as a Creative Director in some of the biggest advertising agencies across Asia Pacific and the Middle East. He lives in Dubai, but claims that anywhere he travels, he feels he is home.

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