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A Young Boy And His Best Friend, The Universe. Vol. 4 — Ebook

A Young Boy And His Best Friend, The Universe. Vol. 4 — Ebook

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A book of answers to life’s hardest questions. Including the ones you are too afraid to ask.

Welcome to Volume 4, featuring 42 new, inspiring, comfort-read short stories starring two crazy-cool best friends.

Fall in love with these two unique characters as they laugh, cry and play together.

Discover a friendship that will leave you longing for a similar friendship in your own life. And don’t be too surprised if you find yourself in the young boy’s shoes once too often. That’s when you’ll find yourself closest to your new best friend.

These books can be read and enjoyed in any order.


The playfulness of Calvin and Hobbes meets the wisdom of Kahlil Gibran’s Prophet.

Here’s a book of short stories that will inspire, empower and entertain you.

A work of surprising innocence and staggering depth, it’s a timely antidote for the uncertain times we live in.

If you enjoy books like The Alchemist, The Little Prince, and Calvin and Hobbes, then this book will have you turning pages and while doing a happy dance.


Look Inside

Chapter 31 - Good and Sad?

“I really wanted things to work out between us, you know. He was the best friend I have ever had, like ever!”

The young boy and his best friend had quarrelled again. This time it felt quite serious though.

“It seems that this is it. I think we have hit a point of no return,” said the young boy, urging his tears to not drop.

 The Universe held him close and said, “It’s okay, my dear friend. A true friendship has its own seasons, its own purpose and its own goodbye. The truth is all relationships end. That is inevitable. It’s up to you how you view it afterwards. You can’t drive the train of your life looking backwards, and you can’t bottle again the whiff of perfume that has already escaped.”

“Now you have a choice. Every time something reminds you of the time you spent with your friend, what will you remember? You can remember the good times and miss them, the times you played all day, laughed over something silly, the inside jokes you shared, the notes you passed each other in class or you can remember the fights and the arguments or how you hurt and disappointed each other. While thinking of them you’ll have another choice to make. Do you remember the good times and become sad because they won’t be shared again, do you remember the bad times and hate each other more, or do you celebrate the good times and leave the bad ones behind like a bad dream that serves no purpose nor holds any power once you wake up.”

The young boy thought about it and slowly sat up straighter. Then he said, “We were so lucky, we had such a good time together.”

The Universe smiled.

The young boy added, “Now that we both have learned how to create our own joy and share it, we can create more and share more with others too.”

The Universe couldn’t have been more proud of the young boy.

* * *

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About The Author

Sameer Kochure was born in India during the darkest part of the night. Probably explains why he is such a self-proclaimed dreamer. He has lived in 6 cities and 3 countries since. He has also clocked in 19+ years as a Creative Director in some of the biggest advertising agencies across Asia Pacific and the Middle East. He lives in Dubai, but claims that anywhere he travels, he feels he is home.

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