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The Tiny Fireball

Welcome to a magical, star-hopping adventure of a lifetime.

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"The tiny Fireball was like a mother’s embrace, a kiss from a soulmate, the hug of a daughter never born, a dream pined for an eternity, finally realised."

In the middle of a desolate, liquid landscape, where food, water and hope runs low, an unusual friendship forms.

One can’t see the light, the other is full of sunshine. Travel with these strange new friends to strange new worlds, in an adventure shrouded in darkness and dipped in honey. There’s magic, there’s mysticism, and then, there’s the tiny Fireball. Before you know it, she will charm her way into your heart.

You’ll never see her coming, and you’ll never want her to leave.

Fans of Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane’, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s ‘The Little Prince’ and Yann Martel’s ‘Life of Pi’ will love Amazon #1 Bestselling Author Sameer Kochure’s ‘The tiny Fireball’.

Fans of Paulo Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’, Richard Bach’s ‘Illusions’ and Herman Hesse’s ‘Siddhartha’ will also find comfort and joy in this timeless tale.

So, grab the tiny Fireball’s hand and take off on a star-hopping journey of a lifetime.

The tiny Fireball is a sci-fi fantasy with shades of paranormal romance. Written by Sameer Kochure - Amazon #1 Bestselling Author of the beloved book series ‘A Young Boy and His Best Friend, the Universe’ and ‘Made of Flowers and Steel’ - a poetry collection that celebrates the raw grit behind the beauty that is a woman.


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— Review on Goodreads

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"A story full of hidden truths and ancient wisdom..."

— Review on Amazon

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"Beautifully written..."

— Voracious Readers Only

From the pages of 'The Tiny Fireball'

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The smallest creation of this universe can fill the universe in our heart.

— Sameer Kochure

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The reality is, no one cares. Sure, people like to talk about others, because it distracts them from the mess their own lives are at the moment, but no one truly cares. So, why do we care so much about them?

— Sameer Kochure

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So, you move through crowds without making a single lasting connection. You can’t lose a friend you never made, right?

— Sameer Kochure

Play. Read. Repeat.

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"This book is so beautiful..."

— Review on Netgalley

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"Loved the characters and their world...."

— Review on Netgalley

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"I enjoyed the story so much..."

— Review on Netgalley

Don’t miss out on this magical, enchanting tale.

Get this book now and go star-hopping across the universe with the tiny Fireball.