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Made of Flowers and Steel — Hardcover

Made of Flowers and Steel — Hardcover

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One hundred poems that honour the raw grit and the moral fortitude that exists in all women. 

“Great for fans of Rupi Kaur.”

With millions of books out there, there has never been a single poetry book dedicated solely to the inner strength of women. Until now.

Welcome to ‘Made of Flowers and Steel’, a raw, healing and intimate poetic journey to the ultimate triumph of today’s woman. 


Welcome to ‘Made of Flowers and Steel’, a raw, healing and intimate poetic journey to the ultimate triumph of today’s woman. 

Inspired by stories of real women, this collection of 100 poems honours the raw grit and the moral fortitude that exists in all women.

Sometimes that power is inherent, sometimes it needs to be invoked, but it is always there.

Page after page, you’ll discover a newfound love and respect for yourself, and for all the women in your life.

This is NOT a regular book of poems on love, heartbreak or feminism. 

It’s a salute to the moral strength it takes to be a woman in today’s world.

Trigger warning: Some poems deal with disturbing, sensitive issues women face every day. Reader discretion recommended.

100 Poems | 1 Unmissable Collection 


Look Inside

The Team of Me

i am on the team of me

i am my biggest fan

i slap my back and tell me 

it’s gonna be okay

when it feels like 

it will never be

i cheer myself up

when i am feeling down

i give me a pep talk

i give me a ted talk

i am the one who really listens 

when i need to talk

i am the one 

who pampers me and 

takes me shopping,

when life has been 

too hard too long

i am the shoulder i lean on

i am the one 

who gives me strength

after a break up…

i am my favourite summer song

i have dear friends, 

soul sisters too,

but above them all, 

the truest best friend 

to me, is me.

i am made of flowers

i am made of steel

how can i expect anyone to be on my team,

if i won’t be on the team of me?

- Sameer Kochure.

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About The Author

Sameer Kochure was born in India during the darkest part of the night. Probably explains why he is such a self-proclaimed dreamer. He has lived in 6 cities and 3 countries since. He has also clocked in 19+ years as a Creative Director in some of the biggest advertising agencies across Asia Pacific and the Middle East. He lives in Dubai, but claims that anywhere he travels, he feels he is home.

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