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Made of Flowers and Steel

Welcome to a poetry collection that celebrates the raw grit and the sublime strength behind the beauty that is a woman. 

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100 Poems | 1 Unmissable Collection

Inspired by stories of real women, this collection of 100 poems honours the raw grit and the moral fortitude that exists in all women. 

Sometimes that power is inherent, sometimes it needs to be invoked, but it is always there.

Page after page, you’ll discover a newfound love and respect for yourself, and for all the women in your life.

Written by Sameer Kochure, the author of the much adored book series ‘A Young Boy and His Best Friend, The Universe,’ and ‘Wrong,’ this book is for all the thinking, feeling women around the world, and for everyone who loves them.

Please Note: This is NOT a regular book of poems on love, heartbreak or feminism. It’s a salute to the moral strength it takes to be a woman in today’s world.

Trigger warning: Some poems deal with sensitive issues women face every day.


From the pages of 'Made of Flowers and Steel'

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...feeling trapped is a valid emotion

but it's not the truth, it's an illusion

the power of the universe 

has been burnt into your bones

your breath is the warmth 

that powers the sun.

— Sameer Kochure

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...he smiled, 

relieved to hear 

the steel in my voice. 

he could see that 

i was in a bad situation,

but i was far from weak.

— Sameer Kochure

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...when the world 

tries to tear you down, 

do it brick by brick,

do it slow if you will,

but build yourself 

right back up.

for you are made of flowers 

you are made of steel.

— Sameer Kochure

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