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Wrong. - An inspirational poetry collection

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NASA's Voyager 1 has captured a strange, rhythmic, humming sound vibrating in interstellar space. 

Could it be the Universe speaking to us in poetry?

Thus begins this short and powerful inspirational poetry collection by Sameer Kochure, author of the much adored book series 'A Young Boy And His Best Friend, The Universe.' Just like that beloved spiritual fable, this book is full of wisdom shorts that'll help you live a more wholesome life.

With a total read time of less than 45 mins, this book is like an episode of a series you love to stream again and again. And just like your favourite TV series, don't be too surprised if you find yourself returning to this book again and again, and finding some hidden gems that you missed on your previous reads.

That's how the Universe works. 

We look up at the same sky, or the same tree or the same firefly every day, and still find something new in it every single time. It takes the inner eye, a thinking heart and a feeling mind, to appreciate all the beauty that surrounds us. There's just so much of it out there, and the loving Universe that it is; it feeds it to us in small, right-sized portions, the ones we can truly love and appreciate. 

No wonder, we keep coming back for more.
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