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A Young Boy And His Best Friend, The Universe. Vol. III

Welcome to a spiritual fable that will win your heart.

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A timeless adventure

Travel through life's travesties through the innocent eyes of a young boy. Often lost and confused by everything that goes on around him, the young boy feels blessed to have a dear friend, the Universe by his side.

The young boy's best friend, the Universe knows everything but doesn't show off, like a true friend.

Fall in love with these two unique characters as they laugh, cry and play together.

Discover a friendship that will leave you longing for a similar friendship in your own life. And don't be too surprised if you find yourself in the young boy's shoes once too often.

That's when you'll find yourself closest to your new best friend.

The playfulness of Calvin and Hobbes meets the wisdom of Kahlil Gibran's Prophet. Here's a book that will inspire, empower and entertain you.

A work of surprising innocence and staggering depth, it's a timely antidote for the uncertain times we live in.

If you enjoy books like The Alchemist, The Little Prince, and Calvin and Hobbes, then this book will have you turning pages and doing a happy dance.

Praise for the Series:

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People who follow this (book) are seldom sad and that's something I think more people need to do. We all have this Universe within us, but many people have completely lost touch with it. This book helps you reconnect with it and be content.

— Reader review.

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It just feels like your mum is telling you stories, teaching you life lessons in the most beautiful and simple manner.

— Reader review.

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A perfect read for a distressed mind that couldn't sleep all night. 

— Reader review.

Don't miss out on this beautiful friendship.

Get this book now and find out why people around the world are falling in love with these two unique characters.